El maestro

                                              When the Leaves Whisper by AlectorFencer

She looks towards ... from her private tower.
She think about Valio and  the skin of wolves
the unknown and ancient symbolism of a god and submission.

Más lejos que  griegos, o romanos, o  Károly Kerény.

Música: Mozart - Piano Sonata No:12 in F. K 332 - 2. Adagio B flat major.
Cómo casi siempre,con una historia en sí misma .
“They were once believed to have been written in the late 1770s in Paris, but it is now thought more likely that they date from 1783. Vienna has been suggested as a possible place of composition, with others believing the sonatas were written during a visit to Salzburg where Mozart introduced his wife, Constanze, to his father, Leopold. All three sonatas were published in Vienna in 1784.” 
Aunque me queda la indecisión sobre mi primera elección: Lux Aeterna. Otro día! 


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