Hoja en el viento

Aún ahora, que ya se abrió la ventana
tengo el rumbo perdido.
Todavía más.
Tanto por mirar
Tanto pasado a descartar

Even now, already  the window  opened
I have the direction lost
Still more. 
So much for watch
So gone to discard

Stained Glass Window
El Jardín Misterioso
c 1905 
 Odilon Redon

Música: Ectasy,  Mario Biondi
Hoy me resuena esta  canción :)

I'm in ecstasy when your're
Missing me
When your heart wants
There's no sense of time
You're a song to me
Sung so easily
Nothing more to say
Nothing else will do
And i feel so blue
In my solitude
As i lay awake
In the night
I'm in ecstasy when you're
Reaching me
When our souls allign
There's no world sublime
You're my harmony
In this empty sea
Want you here inside
Can you hear me cry
If you'd call my name
You'd erase the pain
But all over again
I'm alone
I'm in ecstasy want you
Kissing me
You holding
When i've got insane
Want you all the more
You will never know!
You can stop the rain
And you call my name you
Erase the pain
But all over again
I'm alone
I'm in ecstasy when you lay
With me
Now i'm on my knees (babe)
You're all i need
I'm in ecstasy


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