Felíz Navidad !!

 Discípulo de Jan Joest van Kalkar. "La Adoración del Niño Jesús" (c.1515)
Óleo sobre tabla. 104,1 x 71,8 cm.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nueva York

Troparion (Tone 4)
Your Nativity, O Christ our God,
Has shone to the world the Light of wisdom!
For by it, those who worshipped the stars,
Were taught by a Star to adore You,
The Sun of Righteousness,
And to know You, the Orient from on High.
O Lord, glory to You!
Cantar de los Cantares
Este trabajo es interpretado de diversas maneras a través de los siglos. Las interpretaciones se pueden reducir a dos:  
La interpretación alegórica. Significa el amor de Dios al pueblo de Israel.  
Una interpretación literal. Alabanza
 Song of Solomon
This work is variously interpreted over the centuries. Interpretations can be reduced to two: 
The allegorical interpretation. Means the love of God to the people of Israel. 
A literal interpretation. Praise
 Lippi Pilippo (hijo). Adoración del Niño Jesús en el Bosque.
(c 1483). Óleo sobre tabla de roble. 96x71 cm.
 Galería de los Ufizzi. Florencia

Divna Ljubojevic, was born in Belgrade, 1970.
In 1991, Divna and her friends founded Melodi Ensemble. Melodi dedicates itself to a repertoire of Orthodox sacred music, from the ancient monadic and polyphonic Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian chant, to contemporary works. The ensemble interprets these liturgical poems in Italian, French and English. Melodi also performs Baroque opera excerpts from Purcell and Caccini. The group has collaborated with opera soloists in Bazel, England, and Italy. They have also performed with the Spezzatura Ensemble of England.
 My best wishes for a Merry Christmas, and may your New Year be filled with good health and much happiness!



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